Kelstock Loans chooses to offer services that are market by honesty and integrity. Since we are a credit limited, these two qualities are synonymous with our operations. Our clients have no need for worry as they would when handling finances with unscrupulous business personalities. We have plenty of virtues that help put us ahead of the rest in service delivery. These include:

Friendly services

Kelstock Loans is an online logbook loans company. We always serve our clients with a smile. Even though you may not be able to view the smile physically, you will definitely feel the warmth through the quality services that we offer. We take our clients as independent individuals with unique needs since people have different needs. We then adapt ourselves to suit your particular needs.

Helping attitude

Our staff is always ready to help thus showing a helping attitude. We pride in customer satisfaction thus offer help in any way we can to ensure that all our clients receive satisfactory services. We handle both repeat and first time borrowers. This has called on us to sharpen our skills to handle first time borrowers as they should. This includes taking them step by step through our processes and helping them get together every requirement to enable their access to our loans. Our helping attitude is always covered with graciousness which can be felt by the client.


Kelstock Loans is a leading provider in logbook loans. We help our clients receive cash against their vehicles. We have been reliable and proved over the years that we want to offer our clients the best. Our services have changed for nothing but the better as years pass thus keeping happy customers. All potential borrowers can count on our services to keep running for years to come and our terms to favor our clients at all times. We have no hidden charges nor mislead our clients when they seek to borrow our loans.


Kelstock Loans believes in availing affordable lending to our clients. Seeking to carry out ethical business dealings sets us apart from the rest. We have the lowest rates in the market and do not seek to charge the high APR charged by unscrupulous lenders. In addition to low interest charges, our loan application process has no hidden charges that are deducted from the client.

Quick response

Kelstock Loans offers quick response services. Our fast responses enable our clients get information in good time and also access their loans in good time. Our loan officials look into loan applications as soon as they are made to avoid wasting time. This leads to fast loan approvals and disbursements. The quick response is also extended to the inquiries section thus enabling visitors and clients get response to their inquiries and feedback fast.

Responsible lending

Our company strives to keep true to the responsible lending policy. We do not delight in encouraging clients to take up loans that they may have a hard time repaying. This is why we want to carefully assess the amount you want to borrow against your income source and other credit obligations that you may have. We want to make sure that you will be able to pay out the loan installments comfortably. We are quite different from lenders that force loans on clients with the intention to grab their cars putting them up for sale to repay the loan balance. To facilitate responsible lending, we have our lines open to clients for communication. We take time to advice clients that come to us for financial help to enable them make the right finance borrowing decisions.