What is a logbook loan?

Logbook loan is a term used to refer to money a lender gives to a borrower against a logbook. The borrower is able to receive a loan amount that is coverable by the car but gets to keep the car. The logbook is usually handed to the lender until the loan is fully repaid.

How can I apply for a logbook loan?

First check if you meet our eligibility criteria for logbook loan borrowers. If you do, fill in the online application form and submit it. We will review your application and make a quick response regarding your application.

Where can I use the money?

We do not restrict our clients as to the use of the loan money. It could be to cover medical expenses, to make home renovations, to pay for college tuition, and many more. We trust our clients to have in place good use for the money since they have resorted in making an application for logbook loans.

What if I am unsure about taking a logbook loan?

Well, we have a team of staff ready to help you. Talk to us through our phone lines or Instant message chat. You can also fill in the contact form on Contact Us page and we will be happy to offer you any needed assistance.

What vehicles are eligible for a logbook loan?

This loan is advanced to car, truck, or motorcycle owners who have a vehicle that is no more than 10 years old.

How long does the application take?

An application for Kelstock Loans requires online form filling. This should take a couple of seconds to a few minutes.

How long does it take to receive the money?

After application, the details are reviewed and proof of vehicle ownership ascertained. This is usually done on form submission. The money is usually disbursed to the borrowers account within 24 hours after application. However, the banks are usually closed on bank holidays and weekends thus meaning applications on such days will need one to wait for the next working day.

How much can I borrow?

We offer loan amounts ranging from £500 to £50000. The Logbook loans calculator will give you an estimate of the amount you can receive against your car. Fill in the details and let the calculator do the math for you.

What if I have a bad credit rating?

Kelstock Loans does not carry out credit checks. Our logbook loans are ideal for those that have had declined loan applications from mainstream financial institutions. We do not look into your credit rating or CJJ.

What if something happens to my car before the loan’s completion?

You will have full responsibility as to what happens to the car while you still have the loan. This is because you are the one using the car. Since time and unforeseen occurrences exist, we require all our loan applicants have the car fully insured. This covers any accidents or theft cases that may come up while you still have a loan balance to cover.

Do you have any restrictions as to logbook loan applicants?

Yes we do. We only award loans to clients who are able to meet our eligibility criteria. Those who fall short of one or more of the requirements are not able to get loans from Kelstock Loans. We also look into the car years. We do not offer loans against cars that are more than 10 years old. If you want to know more about the logbook loan restrictions, you can find out herefind out here.

Do I need to prepare any paperwork?

Yes, there are a few documents that you need to prepare. You need to have the vehicles logbook, MOT certificate, and insurance details. You also need to have your proof of income, proof of residence, and ID.

What if I fail to pay?

When your account has arrears, our staff agents will try to contact you to know why the repayment was not made in time. If you are facing a few difficulties, a loan rescheduling can be done. However, this is only to a certain limit. Cases of default may lead to repossession of the car and its resale to cover the loan balance.